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Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport and has many physical and mental benefits. During this class, students will be trained in skills that make it easier for them to put their opponents on the their backs and help them defend against takedowns. Wrestling students will discover balance, agility and control on their feet or on the ground. A wrestling background can be an enormous advantage against superior strikers.

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Professional Wrestling Classes Instructor Joe Calvitta

Professional Wrestling Classes Instructor Joe Calvitta fight strong mma

Before stepping into the octagon as a fighter, Joe Calavitta was a Division 1 wrestling coach and counts MMA stars among his students, to include Tito Ortiz, Joe Stevenson, Chad Mendes, Thomas Denny and Cub Swanson.

Calavitta’s techniques are a blend of his extensive wrestling background with Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing. Calavitta has an extensive personal and professional resume, including training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where he traveled the world and represented the United States in international competition under the guidance of Olympic Champion Kevin Jackson. He currently resides in San Clemente and trains at Fight Strong MMA.

Calavitta fought in MMA events such as WEF, KOTC Gladiator Challenge and XFC HD Net Fights.

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