Join the Fight Strong MMA Family


Join The Family:

Becoming a member of the Fight Strong MMA community in San Clemente introduces you to a training (and health) methodology that will be completely new to you, and will take your current regimen to the next level.

You will be welcomed as part of a greater group of people who want to be better! We work together, we compete, we challenge each other and ourselves.

We keep it fresh and challenging:

There’s a science behind what we do, to make you better with each and every session. But what’s most important is FUN. Each day is different so it stays new and exciting (but it also elicits maximum adaptation to your body and mind). Combined with the challenge of every training session, we teach you the basics of optimal nutrition so you fuel your day, your workout, and your life for health and success.

We like to have fun:

Aside from our day-to-day workouts, we hold community-led events. All members are welcomed and encouraged to take part in outings, happy hours and dinners, team challenges, BBQs, holiday parties… any reason to get together, sweat, or just let loose.

Work hard, play hard!


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