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Muay Thai is one of the most effective and devastating styles of stand up combat in the world. Known as the “art of eight limbs”, Muay Thai uses a combination of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, providing eight points of contact as opposed to two points (fists) in boxing and four points (hands & feet) in traditional kickboxing. In addition, Muay Thai focuses heavily on a “clinch” technique, which controls the opponent’s upper body and allows the aggressor the opportunity to deliver strikes from a variety of angles and positions. Kickboxing classes are designed to introduce students to striking for Mixed Martial Arts. Once students have developed a strong base, the advanced Mauy Thai striking techniques will be taught.

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Muay Thai Classes Instructor Daniel Finnochi

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A native of Orange County CA, Daniel has acquired a sought after reputation for training athletes of all levels. He is a personal trainer to amateur and professional fighters as well as a strength and conditioning coach for male and female athletes who are looking for a competitive edge in their desired disciplines. He is one of the most coveted personal boxing trainers in Orange County!

“Life is what you make it – hard work solves everything! Fight Strong- Finish strong.”

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