Adult MMA

Learn effective self-defense and ground fighting technique and get in amazing shape in our MMA program! You’ll learn the basics of traditional striking, wrestling and submission techniques recruited from single modality combative sports such as boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to develop the athleticism MMA fighters naturally possess. Our advanced classes prepare the most serious athletes for competition with advanced technique work, fight simulation and sparring.


MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, & Boxing Trainers

Adam Watts

Adam Watts
Head Coach Adam’s training philosophy is to always give 100% effort. He has combined his vast experience along with his educational background to develop a unique approach to get the most out of his students. Adam’s philosophy of coaching has proven successful time and time again, as he has multiple award-winning fighters under his care. Adam strives to help each person achieve their goals and inspire them to succeed in their desired level of health and fitness. He has experience training people of all fitness levels: men, women, kids, military, police, first responders and professional fighters.

“Life is what you make it – hard work solves everything! Fight Strong- Finish strong.”

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